Friday, May 1, 2009

In Theaters: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

Big news in the comic book movie world! "Wolverine" hits theatres today! I personally haven't seen it yet and honestly I don't understand the huge hype around a movie about a wolverine that escaped from a local zoo that carries around 3 knives in each paw. From the poster above (which is the official poster, I didn't just crudely put that together in MS Paint), I assume that the people are the various zoo workers that try to catch the dangerous animal.

I don't know the full story and characters but this is what I assume:

(Top Left) Joey: The rugged zoo cleaner who is quiet but when someone messes with his cleaning equipment, watch out!

(Middle Left) Crazy Jim: The blind gentlemen who wonders around the zoo inappropriately touching the female customers, on "accident".

(Bottom Left) Jen: Zoo hoe.

(Top Right) Rico: The cool animal trainer who loves the ladies - he would never hunt an animal but quite the milf hunter.

(Middle Right) Rocco: Just out of jail - owner of the zoo.

(Bottom Right) Emily: Loves Rico, but secretly wants to experiment with Jen, has had a fling with the wolverine.

Maybe I should see it, I don't think I'm getting the right idea.

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