Monday, October 26, 2009

The Windows 7 Whopper..Damn!

I don't know who Burger King has hired as an advertising company but god bless them. For the release of Windows 7 recently, BK has created a whole new burger - "The Windows 7 Whopper!" HOLY SH*T.

"DaWin7Whopp" (as no one calls it) is a burger made up of 7 patties and it sells for $7.77 (get it?!) When I first read about this I thought it was a photoshop joke but alas, it's real (BKJapan Site) I think everyone can agree that nothing quite says 'buy a new OS for your computer" than a huge burger. Just think about it. Imagine your on your way to buy Mac Snow Leopard but your hungry so you stop for some lunch. You goto your local BK (and by local I mean Japan) and you sit down and say "I am extremely hungry." You look at the cheese burger and think "1 patty? F that!" so then you look at double cheese burger and think, "still not enough, HOWEVER, if I could have 3 double cheese burgers on a single bun plus one more patty for good luck, that would do that trick!" Then a light shines upon "The Windows 7 Burger" and your wish has come true thanks to BK and Microsoft.

....then, after 3 grueling days in the bathroom you stand up, button your pants, and say proudly "I'm a PC."

--On a side note I think McDonald's and Apple are missing a golden oppurtunity to sell "The BigMac OSX" with 10 patties---

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First!!!... LOL JUST KIDDING I hate those people that do that! Anyways good stuff Chris looks like someone lit a fire on your ass with the blogs huh!! I like! 