Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween


Well everybody thanks for stopping by my blog for Halloween. Or as they say in Mexico "Los dia de los muertos" or "the day of the mentos." Or that's my guess, but all I know is they love their damn Mentos in Mexico, "Mentos, las fresh maker" Enough with the spanish lesson and on with the blog...

So out of no where, I remembered a movie I used to watch when I was little every Halloween called "The Halloween Tree"...does anyone else remember it? For the longest time I could only remember bits about this movie but never the title, it got to the point where I thought maybe I made this so-called movie up, until I remember the name out of nowhere. Classic halloween movie that used to really scare me when I was younger (not now of course, I'm quite tough---AHHH! Nevermind it was just my shadow.) Phew. Anyway, I looked up the movie on the Tubes of You and found that you can watch the entire movie (Here's Part 1) it is really well done.

If you haven't seen it I would recommened it. It's a cartoon that tells the story of a group of trick-or-treating children who learn about the origins and influences of Halloween when one of their friends is spirited away by mysterious forces (aka they are looking for their friend who is dead). It's based off a novel by the same name by, Ray Bradbury. Leonard Nimoy is the voice of the children's creepy (*level 3 possibly?) guide, Mr. Moundshroud. It first aired in 1993.

This is a long blog entry, but when your looking for something for years and finally find it you must write about it. Like, love. (Hmm..'children's halloween movie' and 'love', wow, great analogy Chris.) But really, it's worth a watch. I have the movie's audio playing in another window and it brings me back. I'm remembering it being good but it's weird, when something creeps you out when your little it stays with you kind of. Another great point of the movie is the artwork and musical score is also really well done.

Well, that's it! Have a fun and safe Halloween.....BOO!!!!!! - don't be scared I just wrote that not a ghost. - or was it??

(*I'm sure he wasn't a level 3 of course, also Los dia de los muertos isn't the same as Halloween)

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