Monday, November 9, 2009

Singapore's Play-Doh Ads are Awesome!

So I was flipping through my favorite magazine "Singapore Play-doh Enthusiasts Quarterly" and saw these amazing Play-Doh ad's. I know that 90% of you are avid subscribers to this magazine also, so I was hesitant to post this blog. But just bare with the 10% that don't get the magazine and haven't seen these ads, will ya? Anyway, these ads were printed in that magazine only once but I'm glad they were because they are great! And you have to admit, they are creative. "Safe no matter what you make" and then they show a butcher knife, pills, a razor, a chainsaw, and a box of matches! Haha, it's funny because those are unsafe objects! I will say that I think this is false advertising though, since last night I made something that isn't safe - a big ball of Play-doh that I proceeded to try and swallow and almost choked to death. As soon as Hasbro found these ads they went bananas and demanded they not be printed again, who knows why though they seem perfectly appropriate from children. Right?

Here are some of the other ads:

Found at: Geekologie
Hasbro's response to the Singapore Ads

Sunday, November 8, 2009

YouTube Fight Fail.

Couldn't find a picture to go with this post, but I found thing picture of a 'fail.' That dude totally missed his cup haha. Nice.

Anyway this will be quick since I'm heading out, but one thing I find stupid are people that TRY to act tough and pick fights on the web. Even worse is when there's nothing to fight about. For example I was watching a video on Youtube and americans were speaking french and these were some comments:

SenseOfFailure: They actually had a pretty good French accent for English people. Trust me, I'm French, I know what I'm talking about.
navy110: haha, pretty good french accent you said?! yeah.. FOR ENGLISH PEOPLE!
SenseOfFailure: That's exactly what I said...

HAHA. Shut down.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A MUST SEE Blog Entry!

So when I was walking out of Perfecto's Caffe this morning I noticed this ad (above) on thier wall where they let people post business cards, or things they are selling (unless your trying to sell you body for money they don't allow that - found that one out the hard way.) Anyway, I found this to be an interesting ad considering thier use of the tagline "MUST SEE!" and then they provide us with a picture of the car, hmm. Seems self defeating doesn't it? "You really must come over and see this! But before you do, here is a picture of it. Wait, you not coming anymore? But how are you going to see it then!?" And also if your going to use a tagline like 'must-see' use it for an item that can't be seen cutting me off in traffic ten minutes later. Basically, use it for an item that, if people we to read what the item was they would I think "I must see that!" Can you imagine someone seeing this ad and being like --- a 7-year old Sebring?! "holy shit!, I must see that!!!" Now had it been a 9-year old Sebring, that be a different story.

On a pretty cool side note, Tom Brady was in Perfecto's Caffe (Peabody) that same day!! Yes THE Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots!! It was amazing to see Tom Brady in real life, I wanted to ask him for his autograph but was too nervous. Luckily, I got to snap a quick picture of him!I know, I know --- he looks alittle smaller in person. But it was definitely him, I mean look at the back of his shirt! So cool!