Friday, June 12, 2009

"At $99, every pocket can have one"

Big News! Apple announced on Monday that there will be a new iPhone called, "iPhone 3GS" released June 19th. The "S" stands for "Super-dee-duper!" (gotta respect Apple for trying to bring the phrase back.)

Some new features include:
- 3MP camera (auto-focus),
- Video recording/editing
- Voice control
- A magnetic compass
- Preinstalled OS 3.0.
- Also it can be used to prop-up and uneven dining room table if necessary.

With all this exciting news of the iPhone 3GSuper-dee-duper, comes an awesome price drop in the original 3G phone. The 8GB is now ONLY $99!

One thing I really like is the tag line for the advertising of the new low price. "At $99 every pocket can have one." But the classic Apple advertising (shown above) isn't quite getting the point across that it's so cheap everyone can afford it. I worked up something that may get that point across a little better.

Ladies and gentleman, I present "Homeless Eddie (or "Xavier the Mighty" as he refers to himself)".....

"iPhone 3G: At $99 every pocket can have one."


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**If people are reading this...I wil be posting more often again!**


Tony said...

Maybe it should be "...every pick pocket can have one after he steals the one you just saved up for weeks to be able to buy just a short time before Apple announced a $100 reduction in price and that you will now have to replace at full retail price which will take you another 8 weeks to save up for forcing you to use an old pink 6085 that your sister just stopped using the other day when she got an iPhone at the newly reduced price with money she got from your parents for graduating High School at age 20 because she missed 2 years when she had her illegitimate son at age 14 because she didn't want to use one of the free condoms they gave out in the nurse's office because she was affraid, ironically, that your parents would find out and not buy her a cell phone."

Chris Ventura said...

wow. did you just write your family biography on my blog? thats awesome...way to out-do the blog! haha

Nick said...

Finally something funny and true. I've been waiting to long for an update. If updates take this long again i might lose my mind up in VT.

Chris Ventura said...

Thanks! I wouldn't want that to happen Nick, I'll do my best to update!