Saturday, June 13, 2009

"RAWR!!!! Stay In Your Lane Human!"

Much like Bigfoot, we've all heard the legend of "The Traffic Barrel Monster." We grow up hearing stories of it roaming around the city streets trying to keep cars down to a single lane during construction, but never get a clear shot of it. Sometimes the news will show a crappy video of what looks like the monster's shadow. Or we turn on the news to hear a crazy southern women yelling about when she went outside to feed her dog she saw the monster blocking her from stepping on wet paint. But finally...a clear shot of the Barrel Monster!

Actually this is "art" that a college student made as a prank in Raleigh NC:
"NC State student Joseph Carnevale, the artist behind the Traffic Barrel Monster, has been arrested for stealing the barrels and "cutting and screwing them together to make a statue," which apparently is a misdemeanor in North
That's great I wish I could have seen that in person, I wonder how many people on drugs thought they were having "bad trip" when they saw that bad boy. "I'm freeaakkin' out mann!"


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Spartan said...

OMG!!!! I heard about it but i thought i would never see it for real. Thank you chris for being on top of breaking news about imaginary creatures. hopefully you will find elvis or big foot for us, to quiet those urban myths.

Chris Ventura said...

Thanks Spartan! Oh and about Elvis or Big Foot I will try to find them - well I mean Bigfoot is definitely real but Elvis? Thats a obviously a myth. You think there's really something as crazy as a man who wears a white jumpsuit, has cool hair, and swings his hips out there in the world? That's way too unbelievable.

*Thanks for the comment!*