Wednesday, June 3, 2009

iamCV says: "Check This Band Out!"

This blog is brought to you by the band "Walk Harbor City" and viewers like you.
(PBS reference?? Damn right.)

Pop Quiz - Which one of these statements is true?

a. Walk Harbor City is a awesome local band who's music is fun, original, and catchy and their EP is currently on itunes for the low price of only $4.95!
b. Walk Harbor City paid me millions to write this blog.
c. They did this because this blog gets thousands of views/comments a day.

If you chose "a" then you are correct! (I wouldn't turn down a couple million however.)

But anyway, Walk Harbor City is a band from the Boston area who just released their EP on iTunes and I think people should definitely check their music out. The the band has some talented/good guys that will hopefully be signed soon. Look, we all know it's nice to help out a local band and buy their music, but we also know that sometimes the music sucks. Luckily this time you'll be being nice but you'll actually get some great music!! And what's $4.95? Skipping a meal at McDonald's? The WHC EP is better for you.

Get the EP: Walk Harbor City - Walk Harbor City

Preview the Songs:


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Tony said...

Sellout! You should be ashamed of yourself. People turn to your blog for some humor and clever rhetoric. Today, however, we are presented with a 150 word infomercial for some band that nobody has heard of or will ever hear of. Tomorrow are you going to try and sell us the ShamWow and then go out and beat up hookers? How the mighty have fallen!

Chris Ventura said...

I must confess I did beat up a hooker tonight. It was in Rhode Island though so it was legal. That's what they mean by "it's legal in R.I right?" And you should be ashamed for putting down a band that a former at&t employee is the drummer for! Your a big bully you know that!

(this comment was brought to you by OxyClean. "Get's tough stains out with the power of oxygen!")