Friday, March 27, 2009

Mayo Needs To Diet

I went to the grocery store yesterday and while I was in the mayonnaise aisle (yes an isle dedicated to only mayo!) I saw that Hellmann's offers a "light" mayo. Finally! Every diet I ever started I had to quit if I couldn't have mayo - it's a golden age in health! Anyway, my only question is --- who in the design department said, "Let's make our healthy mayo bottle shaped like a big fat person." I mean look at that thing! It's looks like the evil army of fat mayo bottles coming after you off the market shelf, trying to catch you while you run and run but its no hope!!!.... but who hasn't had that nightmare....right?

About what I said before about the aisle being dedicated to mayo...I can't lie to you. It had other items also. I apologize.

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Joe said...

Judging from the lack of comments on your blog you stink!!!!! Wait I just took my time to comment. Damn it. I stand corrected. You Rule!