Monday, April 13, 2009

The Day After Easter Post! (is it obvious I couldn't think of a title?)

Hope every one's Easter was hoppin'!! (get it?! because bunny's hop! - Clever alert!) and anyone not celebrating Easter yesterday, I hope your Sunday was good. I did a quick Google search for "Easter bunny" and came across the picture above. Imagine going to the mall and having your kid take a picture with that bunny - precious Easter fun! Now let that bunny above babysit - not so fun anymore huh? Nope, just creepy.

But think about it, Easter uses "The Easter Bunny" as it's icon. The reason for this is -- just like a caterpillar turns into butterfly, Jesus died and rose again as an huge bunny that wears funky colored vests - I believe that's how it went.

Anyway the Easter bunny sounds nice, but picture a bunny that's the size of a person - that's terrifying! And while we are on the topic of holiday icons, Santa is terrific! - unless you think about him as an elderly gentleman that breaks into your house while you sleep and is entirely too happy with little kids sitting on his lap. Oh and cupid is great!! Now think about how he's just a naked baby....if you still thinking, "still really great!!" you need to go register with certain department my friend.

But overall my Easter was fun - having great food and hanging with my crazy family is what it's all about!


Anonymous said...

two words come to mind after reading this... Donnie Darko...
-mike or billy

Chris Ventura said...

three words come to mind after reading this comment... "Mike or Billy"...umm ok 5 words..."is a good man"...ok so maybe 7 words. Dammit.