Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Extremely Current Movie News!

Well, ok, maybe if it was 1993 this would be a new release but I was just talking about this movie with some people and a couple of thoughts came to mind that I didn't think about as a kid watching the movie.

1. That kid probably shouldn't be standing under a 36,000 pound (aka 18 tons) (aka f'ing huge) whale while it does a flip over a rock barrier mere inchs above him. Back then it was epic and heroic, now I'm like just watch from a safe distance my friend you ain't going to catch Willy if he doesn't make it.

2. There were 2 more movies made. "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home", and "Free Willy 3: The Rescue." Back then I was excited to keep getting more Free Willy's. Now I'm just wondering why Willy can't stay out of trouble. If I had to name the movies they would been "Free Willy 2: Dammit Willy Not Again!" and "Free Willy 3: See Ya. You're On Your Own Buddy."

3. "The most rousing family adventure since E.T." is the movie's tagline. Back then I would have had to look up "rousing." Now I just read that picture above and though it said "The most arousing family adventure since E.T." which almost made me fire up the ol' VHS player and see what I must have missed before.

Who needs thoughts on current movies like Wolverine or Watchmen when you can read about a movie thats 16 year old. (Yes Free Willy is eligible for its drivers licence. Now if only that damn whale could fit in a car.)


Hector said...

Free Willy HUH? Funny to mention all the movies. To be honest I think 95% of people would only remmember the first one. I bet the others sucked ass. On a nother note... have you ever seen BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA? Maybe you can review that one. Its one of my childhood favs. RENT IT !

matt said...

Hector, going along with the American Asian theme of the late 80's i would like to add to the list "the golden child" featuring Eddie Murphie. It was a simpler time in American history when Americans and Asians where battling it our in the back streets and dark allys of citys across the country.