Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tips On How To Save Space In Your House

I was walking through the mall, which they have TVs all around, and while your walking they are showing random clips. A segment came on about "saving space and keeping your house organized." Which caught my attention for some reason, so watched a second of it. They gave a couple of tips that may be useful, but I wonder about some parts. Here's some tips:

1. "Keep like items together - sports equipment with sports equipment, toys with toys, gardening tools with gardening tools, etc.": Which sounds like a great idea on TV, but I find most parents would agree that their mid-evil sword collection fit's so neatly and nicely with their kids stuffed animal collection. Am I wrong?

2. "Keep items in the open by frequency of use, the more you use it the more readily accessible it should be" Hmm ok I get the concept, but if every guy used this method you would walk into a lot of houses with a giant stack of porn right next to the front door ready to go.

3. "If your kids go through the garage to go outside have their toys in the garage-not your tools." You don't say!? Really? Hold on--You mean I shouldn't leave my saw plugged in the garage my kids go through. Next your going to tell me to take the sign above it down that says "Play with this fun toy!" while I'm at it.

The segment probably gave great tips but hopefully most of that was common sense.

--On a side note: I just opened an individually packed knife from Dunkin' Donuts - and their were TWO knifes inside - I hope that means I won something.

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