Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Day At Work, Another Blog (Safari Style)

While surfing the ol' webternet (I put "web" and "Internet" together, ya see) I came across the above art by Guido Daniele. It's pretty amazing stuff, he is able to create these majestic beasts simply using hands, some paint - and some magic voodoo power, of course. Imagine being able to shake hands with a giraffe, flick a paper football with an elephant trunk, or flip off some asshole in traffic who needs to learn to use his effin blinker! using part of a zebra! (yes I'm referring to the corolla from this morning) Oh the adventures are limitless!

Being inspired by his art, I decided to try my own hand at it (oh yeah - pun intended!)

I think it's a pretty awesome work of art, and my mom says I'm special, so take that doubters!

*But really his art work is pretty cool check him out click his link above.*


Anonymous said...

aaaawww,your artwork is special... I'd put it on the fridge...

Chris Ventura said...

Thanks! I worked really hard on it right before nap time.