Friday, May 8, 2009

Dangerous Texting?

I was at a convenience store today and I saw a magazine with the headline: "Is Your Teen Sexting?" I love when the news makes up a term as if it's a common term used among teens. I've never heard someone say "Oh man! I was sexting all night!"

Parents read these articles then talk to their kids like,
"Johnny, we need to talk. Have your done sexting with the cell phone device?"
Johnny says, "No, of course not. Never."

The parents are relived but what they don't know is that Johnny left the room saying to himself "what the hell is sexting? Oh well, I wonder if Jenny, Christina, or Beatrice sent my phone those sexy photos yet?" (the last one is an elderly women - he has a fetish - but that's another story all together.)

Important Note to Parents:
Look, I joke alot on this blog, but I care about the safety of teenagers in this technological driven society. So I'm going to let parents in on some other things to watch out for when your teen is using his/or her phone.

Flexting: Taking a picture of your muscles and send it via cell phone.
Mexting: Taking pictures of tacos, or other Mexican foods, and sending via cell phone.

T-rexting: When a dinosaur sends a picture of himself to your cell phone.

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SC said...

MEXTING hahahaha