Friday, May 22, 2009

Coming Soon: New Mini-Series "Maneater"

So in the mall I work at they just put up an advertisement for "Maneater" which from what I gather is a new mini-series for Lifetime. This caught my eye because, well, the main character is hot (Sarah Chalke) and also it's probably a show I will watch. OK the second part of that sentence is a lie. One thing I find funny is that it's called "maneater." This is a bold move for lifetime, which is a network geared towards women. They created a show that revolves around cannibalism. I never knew women were so fond of cannibals. If this series stays with the theme of most lifetime shows, which is men suck, then I assume the female cannibal will eat the men but they definitely deserved it somehow.

Below is a picture of what the Maneater poster should look like if they were truthful with thier marketing...

"Hannibal, eat your heart out!"
(drums: ba dum cha!)

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