Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek Thoughts

So I saw Star Trek last night and was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! No, was in space.

I will say it was a good movie though. I thought the casting was excellent - I was afraid the actors would try to mimic the original cast, but they didn't, they made the characters their own which was nice. It blended slow dramatic parts with action sequences well. Overall I recommend the movie. It was another fun summer movie in the line of movies coming out. It seems to have brought new life back into Star Trek which will make some nerd quiet happy. I highly recommend seeing it at the IMAX rather than a traditional movie theatre, the huge screen and the rumble seats were cool. (It's the "Verizon IMAX Theatre" now, but will someone please start a company called "CL" and buy it from Verizon - that was it would be the "The CL IMAX Theatre!" Childish, but funny)

I give it 40 our of 50 stars.

Just a thought for the people who saw it, every time the bad guys were on screen I expected Mike Tyson to come strolling out from the back room.

Seperated at birth?

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