Friday, May 29, 2009

Coming Soon: "The Final Destination"

"The Final Destination" is coming out in August (that's alittle vague)! This is the 4th installment of the "Final Destination" series. You can tell this because they added "the" to the title. As opposed to "The Fast and The Furious's" 4th installment that took out all the "the's" = "Fast and Furious". It seems no one knows the proper way to show it's the forth movie (hint: add the number 4 or IV.) I digress...

I actually enjoy watching the Final Destination movies, they aren't amazing but they are fun to watch, so I will probably end up seeing this. I would however, argue that as the series goes on, every film can't be the final destination. Technically they should be renamed.

Final Destination =
"Welcome to Flight 180"
Final Destination 2 = "On Your Left, a Terrible Highway Pileup"
Final Destination 3 = "Our Next Stop: The Amusement Park!"
The Final Destination =
"The Final Destination"
Just a thought.
All this Final Destination talk has me scared. Should I be worried about the box of knives, rusty screws, and broken glass, that's held by a rope that is about to break above my bed? Nahhh, it's just a movie, right?...

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